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Its a Windy Tuesday up on The Hill

Thats exactly what I typed and then realized its thursday. Welp shoot.

how are you? I live up on a hill. Not to brag. It gets very windy up here and the wind howls through the bathroom ceiling vents. My world has changed. Its been years since I lived in a place with a bathroom ceiling vent..or fan. I’m a spoiled shit.  Thats at least how I feel sometimes. I have like 47 knives. Why do I have so many knives? I’m not a fish monger. Or a knife guy. It’s embarrassing how many times a week I use a garlic press. (embarrassing for the garlic cuz I smoosh em)

I’ve got 3 different sets of salt and pepper shakers…one for “company”…one is empty…

When I lived in NYC I had 2 roommates for a few months.  The cops busted down my room door looking for a victim one night…guns drawn…I was shaking and couldn’t fall back asleep (wah) The other night here the smell of a dog fart woke me up. I laughed and fell back asleep laughing.

I took a walk in my neighborhood the other day and saw a 15-year-old kid pushing a wheelbarrow to work on his outdoor garden. Pretty cool.

One time a took a walk in Brooklyn and saw a Chinese woman taking a shit against a tree. (I don’t know for sure if she was Chinese sorry)

I am in a honeymoon phase of moving out of NYC. A time where I really appreciate the space and the quiet. Just not hearing 38 sirens a day has to change some part of your well-being. And now I live close to a hospital.

Typing is awkward and strange. Feels cold sometimes no?

So the radio show with Dr. Wider, “Open Wider with Kenny Z” now has a voicemail # you can call and ask a question or leave a message and it is


Call it. ask whatever say whatever.  I can even pick up if I want. VERY windy on the hill right now.

Have a great day!