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Note from Kenny about his last day on Wake up with Taylor

Hello everyone, its Kenny and time for the one message before I go. 

Friday 7/22 is going to be my last day as host on Wake Up with Taylor..GAH! so crazy. It’s been extremely great these last 10 years. 10 years?! SO nuts. Thank you for letting me be a part of your mornings and your lives and thanks for being a big part of mine. I’ve met so many of you through the show..I met my wife through the show. Duke is Wake up’s baby! Anyway, I could write 70 pages on all we’ve been through and how connected I feel to everyone that has listened to Wake Up for any/all these years. But I won’t. We know it was just great.

Moving forward, I’m still here..I’m still a comedian..still your fake friend.

Please continue to check the website as we’ve got A TON of shows coming up and many other projects on the horizon.

Thank you for all the time, stories and love you’ve shared with me on the air for all these years.

Much more to come…