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"You know Wednesdays!"

Nobody really says that.  "You know Wednesdays!".

"Hey Will, hows your knee feeling?"

"Eh, you know Wednesdays!" 

"Heck yeah, I sure do.  Take Care!"

"You too buddy, thanks for checking in about my knee..."

"oh yeah sure..."'d be surprise how many people can see you hobbling around on a cast and not even move to give you more space, let alone ask about it"

"ah ha everyone is so busy busy..."

"Nah man, I think it goes beyond that. I think if it was Paul Debuto's knee, people would be wearing sympathy casts and etching pictures of their genitals on the coffee pot"

"Paul's a good dude, let's hope he doesn't get hurt. Couldn't deal with that guy being in pain."

"Oh but I'm ok? I'm hobbling and its business as usual?"

"yeah, well, you know Wednesdays!"


Well, it might be a Wednesday, but it's a great day for visiting this site and checking it out. ?

Well I can hear the boys already upstairs, they both have colds and the dog is up to like 70 pounds and nuts.  The dog runs so crazy and fast at the children that you have to tackle her like a hog and hold her down until she calms down like a slow arrest. "Sleep, Chili. Sleep".  I just tried to say "Sleep, Chili. Sleep" to myself and said "Sleep, Chili. Cleep". Decent laugh...maybe I'll write a song about Cleeping. 

Today a new "Open Wider w/Kenny Z(imlinghaus)" came out. Please listen to the link on this page if you wish.

Okay look around. Have a wonderful day. Someone is screaming.